Extensive Experience Handling Mortgage And Bank Fraud Cases

The recent turmoil in the housing market has led to increased efforts to identify and prosecute bank and mortgage fraud. If you find yourself in the cross hairs of state or federal fraud investigators, it is important to build a strong and effective criminal defense.

At Daniel, Moore, Evans, Biggs & Decker, our attorneys have the skills necessary to defend clients throughout Texas against charges of bank fraud, mortgage fraud and other white collar crimes. We will use our considerable skill and resources to fight for your rights. As an association of lawyers, we have someone here who can provide you with a strong defense, no matter what your criminal charges may be.

We Understand How To Build An Effective Defense For You

We have a strong background in criminal law, having started our careers working for the prosecution. When building a defense for our clients who are facing bank and mortgage fraud charges, this experience can be extremely helpful. It helps us anticipate the strategies prosecutors will use to win a conviction, and helps us to counteract those strategies.

Whether you are the buyer or seller of a property, or a real estate agent or investor, you can find yourself as the focus of a mortgage fraud investigation. It is important to start building a strong defense early on in the process to protect yourself from criminal liability.

We have represented clients in state and federal courtrooms throughout Texas. We have access to investigative resources as well as expert witnesses such as forensic accountants who will help us perform the extensive review of the paper trail, allowing us to have a complete understanding of all of the options available to you.

Protecting You From State And Federal Charges

To speak to one of our lawyers, please call our office at 817-332-3822 or send us an email to arrange a consultation. For your convenience, we accept credit cards and are available 24 hours per day. Our law office is located in the Sundance Square area of downtown Fort Worth.