Defending Individuals Facing Homicide Charges

If you are facing murder charges, your entire life hangs in the balance. The quality of the defense representation you choose could determine the potential sentence that you receive, which could mean extended time in prison or even the death penalty.

At Daniel, Moore, Evans, Biggs & Decker, an association of criminal defense attorneys, we provide high-quality legal defense for people facing murder charges throughout Texas. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling these complex and sometimes high-profile cases. We know that these charges are some of the most serious accusations that you could ever face, and we understand the responsibility that we have to you. You can trust us to make every effort to protect your rights at all times.

The Attorneys To Trust When You Are Charged With A Violent Crime

Prosecutors are going to devote substantial time and energy to your case. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in criminal defense matters and will provide our clients with our best level of legal representation. We handle a wide range of murder and murder-related cases, including:

  • Capital murder, punishable by death or life without parole
  • Murder, punishable by 5-99 years, or life
  • Manslaughter and intoxication manslaughter (vehicular manslaughter)

Our lawyers have extensive experience defending murder cases in Texas. We are adept at finding creative and effective defense strategies and challenging aspects of the prosecution's case. We will look into instances of mistaken identity, self defense and elements of police procedure to assure that your rights are protected.

An Aggressive Defense Tailored To Your Needs

For a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our office at 817-332-3822 or send us an email using our contact form. You may call us anytime, as we are accessible 24 hours a day. We accept all major credit cards, and our law office is conveniently located in the Sundance Square area of downtown Fort Worth.