The criminal justice system in Texas takes all charges seriously, but there are especially harsh penalties if you are convicted of a violent crime. Crimes such as murder carry extremely lengthy prison sentences, and you will never be able to distance yourself from these offenses if convicted.

At Daniel, Moore, Evans, Biggs & Decker, our association of criminal defense attorneys has the skill and experience you need when you are facing the most serious of criminal charges. Our lawyers will help you evaluate your options and develop the right strategy for your case.

Why Hire An Attorney For Your Case

You need to fight these charges aggressively. Our attorneys understand what is at stake, and we work hard to make sure that your rights are protected. We challenge the evidence that the prosecution will use to try to prove your guilt. We perform thorough investigations to determine exactly what happened.

We want to stress that being charged with a crime, especially murder, can carry penalties that will change your life forever. You should not simply plead guilty without knowing all of the defenses that may be available to you. You have rights, but it is up to you to protect them. Our attorneys are here to help you present a strong defense to these challenges.

How To Reach Us For Your Consultation

To make an appointment with one of our lawyers, please call 817-332-3822 or send us an email. For your convenience, we accept credit cards and are available 24 hours per day. Our law office is located in the Sundance Square area of downtown Fort Worth.