The Representation You Need When Facing A Grand Jury Investigation

A grand jury investigation is kind of like a preliminary trial, in which a jury of your peers decides if there is enough evidence against you to allow the prosecution to make an indictment. As a defendant, how you handle a grand jury investigation can have a meaningful impact on your legal prospects.

At Daniel, Moore, Evans, Biggs & Decker, we offer attorneys with extensive experience helping people prepare for grand jury investigations. We know your rights and we are prepared to protect them. We understand how to prepare for the proceeding, and also how to gather evidence from the process to help build a strong defense.

How The Grand Jury Process Works

If you are under investigation for a state or federal felony, the prosecution may begin the process of seeking a conviction by issuing you a subpoena, calling you to come forward before a grand jury. Here, you may be asked to testify and/or produce documents and present them to the court. You may refuse to testify by taking advantage of your Fifth Amendment rights.

There are many ways to handle a grand jury investigation, and the target of an investigation may be confused on how best to proceed. Facing a grand jury investigation is a high-pressure situation. The stakes are very high as an indictment will force you to mount a defense to escape the consequences of a conviction.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with all aspects of the Texas and federal criminal justice systems. We will counsel you on how best to proceed through this hearing, to help you protect your constitutional rights and prepare you for a favorable outcome.

If You Are The Target Of A Grand Jury Investigation, Contact Us As Soon As Possible

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